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Mirage Group International

The Mirage Group publishes poetry chapbooks and anthologies.  It is a resource for members of the Mirage Group, and all poets who share its goals.

Art by Jeannene A Fullen


Chapbooks are available in the New Mirage series.  These are privately published, with limited marketing.  Quality books are provided at $ 7.00 for each copy.

Chapbooks are available in the Isles of Myst series.  They are marketed more extensively and require Laureate Membership.  Dues of members finance the marketing.

Chapbooks are also available as subsidy publications.


Chapbooks and Anthologies

The Mirage Group publishes the New Mirage Quarterly and the Isles of Myst review.

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The GSP has been in existence since 1991.  Its books are for sale in many online sources.  Standards for chapbooks are available at  jeromevbrooke @ yahoo .com